"This bickering is [supposed to be] pointless" — The Mega-Database and the Librarian Researcher

Lundi 2 février 2009

— Librarian Researcher : Don’t underestimate the power of the Library.
— Library Patron : This old dusty religion ?
— Librarian Researcher : ... [taping knowledege bases, phoning secret contacts, querying obscure internal catalogs and mysterious, rarely used databases]
— Library Patron : Coff, coff, aaaaarghhh [breathless]
— Mega-Chief : This bickering is pointless. Our Mega-Database will provide us with all the insight and information firepower. We will then crush the opposing party with one swift stroke.
— Librarian Researcher : As you wish, my Lord.

In spite of the "Mega-Database", we all know how the story ends. May the Library be with you !

Sources : Star Wars, A New Hope :

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