At last Kluwer brings RSS feeds, TOC e-mail delivery and Twitter to its online journal and looseleafs

Vendredi 20 mars 2009

Joyce Rivers, Kluwer Law International (KLI) Marketing Director writes in her morning e-mail today :

« Our Online Journal/Looseleaf site now also has the following features :

- RSS feeds - You can now sign up to receive notifications when a new journal issue or supplement is posted to the site. You can choose to receive an RSS feed for all journals or per journal. Simply go to the journal of your choice and click on the relevant RSS icon.

- Electronic Table of Contents Delivery (Etoc) - You can now sign up to receive the Table of Contents (per title or all titles), once the issue supplement is posted. An email will be delivered to your inbox in either html or text.
Simply go to and click on a journal or looseleaf. Alternatively, you can go to

- The RSS feeds will also be uploaded automatically on »

Any question on those new functionalities may, according to the e-mail, be sent to marketing[AT]kluwerlaw[DOT]com.

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